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   Reiki Master Teacher      Yin Yoga Instructor       CBD Consultant         Certified Tarot Reader        Crystal Energy Healer      Astrology Intern       Realtor          

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        Intuitive Astrologer   Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher    Yin Yoga Instructor                 Certified Tarot Reader   CBD Consultant    Realtor     Spiritual Alchemist   Certified Moonologer        

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Tarot, Astrology, Energy, and Healing have always been something that has caught my interest. Most of my early learning I did by myself  with book reading and no one to open up about the topics of soul councils, akashic records, multi-dimensions and so much more.  I found a group that did not think I was crazy and luck would have it I have flourished in my heart and soul.  Fascination and study have turned in to a wonderful compilation of love healing  energy that can be felt as I deliver the healing in every session. 

In 2010 I began my journey with yoga and Spirituality which has blossomed into a rich practice that I develop with my yoga mat still to this day.   I decided in 2016 I needed to become an instructor of a program called BodyFlow by Les Mills.  It is a program that  combines beautiful moves of yoga, pilates and tai chi.  I being a sports player never had to remember choreography before and that was an tremendous challenge.  I also had to get over my fear of being seen.  I disliked having my photograph taken and NEVER was on video by picture ever.  It was an early childhood development trauma that I received, but I took the time to understand, work through and thrive on the other side of  that fear.  So when I had to submit a video of me teaching at least 5 students it made me learn me and who I was beyond the fear.  I now get up in front of strangers and lead them in ways to heal and love themselves unconditionally through Reiki, yoga, movement, color, toning or chanting, crystals, meditation, music, nature, and smell.

In 2018 I began my Reiki I & II in Las Vegas Nevada where I had been living for many years.  This increased my sensitivity to energy and allowed me learn how to use energy in my benefit and for the benefit of others for healing and manifestation.  I also began to delve into Astrology with the Astrology Hub program with Donna Woodwell in 2018.  A curve ball from the cosmos and I moved back to my hometown in June 2018.  Upon returning, I took my love of healing to the next level to a Reiki Master and then to receive the Reiki Master Teacher certification as well.  Reiki is an integral piece to my well being and I wanted the ability to share that with anyone who is drawn to pursue their Reiki energy healing goals.  I blend in the amazing metaphysical benefits that we receive from crystals into my sessions to accelerate the healing process and get more targeted results.  Utilizing crystals to create a more concentrated healing experience.  2018 was a big year for me, as I also received my Yin Yoga Teacher certification and began as a CBD consultant for The Seedy Alchemist. CBD oil helps your body return to its natural state of homeostasis or equilibrium.    Many receive positive effects from the use of CBD oil, some unfortunately do not feel those benefits.  When you need to relax and release, the experience that CBD can offer is soothing and all natural.  

In 2019, I added certified Tarot Reader to my list of talents to dazzle and enchant. I had the luck and belief behind me to offer Tarot readings at my local hair salon on Fridays for several months in 2019 and 2020.  This gave me the confidence to offer my skills via zoom and facebook to offer private readings.  I also decided that becoming an Astrologer could not wait a moment longer and dove into studies with the Debra Silverman Applied Astrology program in 2019.  We took a deep dive into Western Astrology and theories of the progressed moon.  The astrology chart is the way that the stars align in the sky at the time and place of your birth, which is unique to you, and so fascinating to me.  So many of our quirks become more forgivable when we understand why we do them and that it is a natural way you process situations and emotions.  Astrology is the story that our life has during this go around the sun and how we interact with those energies and situations.   

In 2020 I increased my education from the Lightshine Academy with many Intensives covering topics of Intuition, Channeling, Energy Healing, and became a Mentor and broadcaster in the community.  This enabled me to coach immerging students to develop their skills, which is natural as I am your biggest cheerleader.  Finally to round 2020 I became a certified Moonolger from Yasmin Boland and have begun to hold Moon ceremonies locally to help others weave the moon magic into their lives as well. 

We naturally flow with the Moon why not become more aware of it?

In 2021 I had the opportunity to upgrade to Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master with William Rand, the master himself. This has given a boost to the quality of my Reiki energy and the ability to guide Boosts and Ignitions and Placements for those that desire to learn or upgrade their Holly Fire III Karuna Reiki knowledge. The Chakra Activation certification from Anodea Judith came next 2021.  If you are not aware we have a line of energy bodies/portals that runs the midline of the body, these are the filters to your association to the world.  Through working with your chakras and balancing the energy, you heal so many of the deepest wounds. 

We ALL have wounds that is a given, every last one of us.   

I am please to announce that I am a student of the Astrology School for the Modern Mystic with Achyte Bhava during the 2021 school year.  Here I will be furthering my studies in Hellenistic Astrology which is a different Astrology technique allowing me to use multiple ways to derive the answers that we need to uncover for you. 

In a session with me alchemize all my learning into a unique experience to what needs to be expressed and healed called for by your most authentic higher self.  

 It is a wondrous thing that I can focus many of my passions into one session with pure divine light and the way that Reiki, Crystals, Tarot, Chakra work, Astrology, Yoga and CBD work together to create a balance and harmony is a divine experience.    Each session is different for every person, no two experiences are alike ever even for the person experiencing multiple sessions.
One last thing about me .... I am also a Realtor.  I have been helping families buy and sell homes for over 20 years now.  This also has brought up a need for Energetic Home/Space Clearing.  The nature of this service allows the resident or new resident the peace of mind that the energy of the previous tenant is not lingering behind.  This is a sacred ceremony performed and each experience is unique to the space.  Being that I have helped others move and I am a natural mover, a vegabond myself. I offer advice on selling and buying houses as a Realtor to personally relocating across the country 4 times, there is nothing that is the same twice.  We moved back and forth between Las Vegas and Ann Arbor, Michigan choosing a different way to move each time.   Having this experience is what allows me to be able to help you declutter and realize that stuff, both mental and physical are really just things.  If they are not essential to your soul, lets figure out how to release them.   Let's connect soon.
Thank you for your interest in personal empowerment and healing.   I look forward to connecting with you soon.