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   Reiki Master Teacher      Yin Yoga Instructor       CBD Consultant         Certified Tarot Reader        Crystal Energy Healer      Astrology Intern       Realtor          

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   Astrologer    Reiki Master Teacher    Yin Yoga Instructor   Certified Tarot Reader   CBD Consultant        Biography Writer      Realtor     Spiritual Alchemist   Certified Moonologer   Intuitive     

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Tarot, Astrology, Energy, and Healing have always been something that has caught my interest and I did for myself  with book reading and no one to open up about the topics of soul councils, akashic records, multi-dimensions and so much more.  I found a group that did not think I was crazy and luck would have it I have flourished in my heart and soul.  Fascination and study have turned in to a wonderful compilation of love energy that can be delivered with a session.  My love of Reiki and Yoga has sparked the need to create an experience to dive deep into not only your heart but your soul as well.    
In 2018, I took my love one step farther and became a Reiki Master Teacher.  Reiki is an integral piece to my well being and I wanted the ability to share that with anyone who is drawn to pursue their Reiki dreams.  I found the amazing metaphysical benefits that we receive from crystals as I developed my Reiki practice, and utilize them to create a more concentrated healing experience in my sessions.  2018 was a big year,  I also received my Yin Yoga Teacher certification and began as a CBD consultant for The Seedy Alchemist. 
In 2019, I added certified Tarot Reader to my list of talents to dazzle you, as well as Astrologer.  Your astrology chart is the way that the stars align in the sky at the time and place of your birth, which is unique to you, and that is so fascinating to me.  So many of our quirks become more forgivable by ourselves when we understand why we do them.   It is a wondrous thing that I can focus many of my passions into one session with pure divine light. 
The way that Reiki, Crystals, Yoga and CBD work together to create a balance and harmony within is a divine experience.   CBD oil helps your body return to its natural state of homeostasis or equilibrium.    Many receive positive effects from the use of CBD oil, some unfortunately do not feel those benefits.  When you need to relax and release, the experience that I lead will allow for just that, please follow me.  Each session is different for every person so no two experiences are alike ever.
One last note....I am a natural mover, a vegabond.  From selling and buying houses as a Realtor to personally relocating across the country 4 times, there is nothing that is the same twice.  We moved back and forth between Las Vegas and Ann Arbor, Michigan choosing a different way to move each time.   Having this experience is what allows me to be able to help you declutter and realize that stuff, both mental and physical are really just things.  If they are not essential to your soul, lets figure out how to release them.   Let's connect soon.
Thank you for your interest in personal empowerment and healing.   I look forward to meeting in person.