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Energy Healing Reiki sessions are a fabulous way to initiate the space for healing in my studio which is full of color & crystal therapy and sacred vibes.

Is it a challenge for you to write about yourself?  Do you write only the facts and it sounds bland and static?  Does writing the copy for your website intimidate you?  I love to brag about other people.  The words just come together for me where it is effortless to desribe your numerous benefic qualities and accolades.  First we take the time to get to know each other in a short zoom interview, you give me the particulars like birth date, education, and credentials next and I write up your biography.   This process is a fun get to know you allowing for your excellence to shine.  If you would like more help in writing the rest of your copy for your website or other  that is an option as well.  Let me help you get the best version out there of what you want to say.  

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