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Encouraging You to Evolve Through Healing

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Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I

Reiki is universal life force energy healing.  The ability of the healer to channel the energy comes from an attunement.  You learn the principles of Reiki, how to use Reiki every day in some way to increase your vibration, and so much more as the classes advance.  You should find with your Reiki experience a 21 day evolution.  Things will start to no longer serve your highest goal allowing them to dissolve readily from your life.  You may let things go effortlessly because you no longer crave the same motivation, releasing you from the stale opinions and emotions that no longer serve you.
Reiki I you learn to heal yourself.  We focus on a technique that goes with the William Rand teachings of Usui Reiki.
If you have a friend and you both take the Reiki I class the fee is $222 for both students total, must register for same class.

Usui/Holy Fire  Reiki  II

Becoming attuned with Reiki II we learn to heal others, Reiki from a distance and Reiki upon pets and plants.  Through this attunement you are imparted with symbols that help to harness and direct the energy.  To help acheive the greatest benefit from the Reiki II class there a minimum of number Reiki sessions that need to be performed prior to receiving your certificate.
Reiki I & II  is $333 total and the class is 2 full days.  Note there is a 6 month mandatory break in between Reiki class II and III with proof of practice in order to register for Reiki III Master training.

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki  III

Continuing to develop your practice to Reiki III, you will learn more advanced techniques of energy work which can/will incorporate crystals into the healing sessions.   There is an additional group of symbols that you receive with this attunement.  Greater instruction and application of technique in class.  Proof of completion of Reiki II required and 6 months practice prior to enrolling in Reiki III Master.  Class is 2 full days.

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher will teach you how to give an attunement, formulate a class, and receive an additional attunement boost in this class.  Proof of Reiki III completion required.  Contact me for interest in Teacher level training.

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