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Life Force Energy

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that uses gentle hand placement to the body to help guide energy.   Energy can build up in the body which causes discomfort, aches, pains, dis-ease and more.  You can help your physical body, as well as, your emotional body with Reiki and it's channeled release.  One of the bonuses of Reiki is that you will release something every time if you are open to Reiki, it just might not be exactly what you had expected.  

Dive into the unknown and book your Reiki session now......    

If you are led to join our Reiki tribe please fill out the contact form below with any questions and potential dates for the class.  I offer my classes in small groups of 4 people max, this ensures hands on training and deep discussion.  My sacred space is wonderful for an intimate gathering to create  positive energy healing this is perfect for couples, best friends, and mother/daughters & father/sons.


The video below outlines some of the major benefits of  Reiki and how it works.... 


Thank you Lisa for the video that gives a great overview.

What is Reiki: About
What is Reiki: Contact


Thanks for connecting!

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