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I had been looking to have a western astrology reading for some time now so when one of my friend's recommended Alicia I booked a reading right away. Alicia was quick to respond and was so helpful. Her reading was done so wonderfully and she explained everything so clearly with such detail. You can feel her passion for astrology when she speaks. After checking out her website, I saw she also offers bio writing as a service. I recently started my own business and was struggling to write a bio for my website so I decided to have Alicia help. Alicia went above and beyond when writing my bio. She clearly understood me and my business and understood immediately the vibe and message I wanted to portray in my bio. She articulated it so beautifully and it was so helpful to me. Alicia is so talented at what she does, I would highly recommend her

Ally Cassan, Shanti Soul Healing LLC  Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Counselor

I had a Solar Return Astrological Session with Alicia Clark-Teper and it was truly profound! The depth and specificity she pulled out of the complicated math of the astrology before her was amazing. I truly felt sighs of relief as she shared her insights. I now more fully understand the patterns of my life thus far. This all set the context for the bulk of the session to unfold. The main emphasis of our session was the potentials available in my future - again the cyclical patterns that flow through my particular chart set against the coming celestial turnings. I feel now like I have a seasonal map for my next 2 years, and even a bit beyond. Very thorough! Very exciting! So insightful! I feel a sense of validation of my own insights about myself and patterns. In a similar way that we use a Farmer’s Almanac to plan our gardens, Alicia’s Solar Return session helped me plan my own personal growing season, as well as my rest and replenish periods. Her delivery is clear, warm, and familiar. I can highly recommend a session with Alicia, you will be glad you did! THANK YOU for sharing your gifts with the world, Alicia!

Christine Marguerite - LOVEVOLVE Energy 

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Alicia is amazing. She is extremely thorough in her readings, she really dives deep into your astrological chart and is not only able to read it and interpret it for you, she also offers highly intuitive guidance to follow your life's blue print. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me realize things about myself I had always wondered about, but more importantly, she encouraged me to do things I had been on the fence about (without even knowing she was doing this) and I know these will absolutely change my life for the better. I am so grateful to her and would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Monica G

I booked an appointment with Alicia for an astrology chart reading. I’ve read a book or two on astrology but by no means do I understand it enough to see the big picture of what it offers. Alicia has a true passion for astrology and loves to educate as she shares the insight specific to you. For this, I truly appreciate the reading and feel I received far more than I expected. 


Alicia gave me 2 options, to dive into what the planets mean for me now or to explain the mechanics of the chart sort of like astro 101. I wanted to hear what the chart meant for me. What she shared gave me clarity on what I was feeling energetically happening. It was like giving me the missing piece of the puzzle to my conscious awareness. In particular, I felt a strong sense of drive and security in March and April. I felt little to no effect from the spreading pandemic, not from ignorance….believe me my Virgo mind ran through many a scenario. She shared that as May came that I would begin to feel a shift or ebb in the flow. It is now May and you bet I’ve become more cautious about my exposure and interaction with others. As she went into the various planets and their effects on my energy, their orbit times, and their meanings, it reminded me of an Akashic Records reading where you aren’t necessarily given anything earth shattering. It is more of receiving information that gives clarity to who you are and what you are experiencing. 


This is not to downplay the significance of the reading. On the contrary, it gave me peace and a sense of empowerment. As I plan out the next 12 months, it gives me confidence in the energetic pulls I am feeling and is helping me release and surrender to my divine plan with ease. Would I get another chart reading with Alicia? Absolutely. Would I sign up for a class if she taught one on how to read astro charts? Yes! However, if you’re just starting to dabble in it like me, the reading was an astrology reading and teaching rolled into one.

Krisell Valenzuela - Krisell Can Spiritual Development Coach

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My astrology reading with Alicia was out of this world!!! It felt like you were chatting with your best girlfriend about the deepest parts of yourself - secrets held only in the vast closet of the cosmos. Normally I feel lost when discussing astrology and the zodiac, but how Alicia was able to simplify and personify each of the planets and houses made learning about yourself through the stars an intriguing adventure.  And it truly surprised me how she knew everything - even wounds and fears from childhood that I'd kept buried inside! Seeing through my chart exactly how closely my soul and intuition connect, and how all the other parts of me fall into place to make up who I truly am is empowering, but also a reminder to keep me in check when I get too critical of others and especially myself.  I felt very blessed for such an amazing energy exchange and I recommend that anyone who wants to better understand themselves should book a reading with Alicia.  She is STELLAR!

Azalaya Fraser   

                     Abundance Coach 

Alicia Clark-Teper is an exceptional human.  She is not only a talented healer, but also a remarkable teacher.  Alicia created a beautiful and warm space in which to receive attunements, meditate, and learn.  Through her guidance, we were open to the sacred and feeling safe regardless of the topics discussed.  Filled with wisdom, compassion, and humor, I can honestly say that my Reiki Master training with Alicia was an impactful experience, the rippling waves of which have left me better able to heal and to serve both myself and others.  If you are lucky enough to cross Reiki paths with Alicia, I have no doubt you will leave as empowered and fulfilled as I did.  

Pam Rich  Reiki III Student Graduate 2019 & Yoga Instructor 

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What a beautiful space Alicia has created for healing. Being in a relaxing, intimate atmosphere really put me in such a beautiful place for receiving the attunements and practicing energy work. But! Not only was it peaceful we had a fun time laughing and being ' light'! Reiki has completely changed my life and is a part of every single day! Continuing to feel the transformation weeks after the attunements. Seeing and being hands on with the techniques Alicia uses for her daily Reiki practice and energy work had inspired me and helped me in building my own practice (according to what flows best for me). Yes, there is a manual but letting Reiki lead the way is what it's all about!!! I'm so grateful for Alicia and the time and energy that was shared during training together. We really formed an infinite Reiki sisterhood. Looking forward to sharing more experiences with Alicia and the other light workers who were also a part of the Reiki training.

 Surrender, jump in, and light up!! You'll be filled with gratitude that you did. 


              Reiki II & III Student Graduate 2019

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