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Meet Alicia

Wellness Coach, Astrologer, Yin Yoga Instructor,

Event Leader & Plant Medicine Woman

I live life for the experience! 

Jumping into opportunites that make me grow is a mission of my soul. Allowing this flow in my life has given me a versatile background including but not limited to Hospitality, Events, Real Estate, Home Organization, Picture Framing, Convention Setup and Travel Coordinator, Life Coaching, Astrology, Yin Yoga Instructor, Spirituality, Sacred Space & Event Creator, received a degree in International Business Management & I launched an AstroApothecary with a friend called Sunshine and Magick that makes Astrologically infused products.

All this experience means that I truly have the ability to meet you where you are at wherever that may be on a personal, business, spiritual, emotional, physical and/or energetic level. 

It is really a challenge to pick a title for myself because I am so many different things on any given day. A Human Connection is what I think is a cool title that describes me. Cool title Yes, but it is actually more of a way of living. In a world where we are becoming more automated and away from human interaction, I am a grounded and robust energy to connect with.  

I do not often boast about myself but I have been called the World's Best Hugger!!! connect with me and see what I have cultivated, that's right just lean in and breathe.  

More and more wise as my years go on, I find that the simple ways in life are drawing me back. 

To slow down the pace of life and be more present, not needing to have so many things, to be in the moment and use my resources as best I can to help Mother Earth. Switching things over time to being sustainable is an important goal in my life. It is a constant journey as there are so many conveniences that are just not good for the sustainablity of the planet and her resources. 

Some switches in my life are to ways in sourcing healthy household products to use so that my mind, body and house are clean & non-toxic from the modern chemicals.

Food is another area that I have had so much experience in it is not funny. I have served it, I make it, infuse it, source it and learn what my body has to say from it. The communication with my body is subtle, but profound when I finally tuned in. I began to work with my body thru muscle testing and functional nutrition which has made a tremendous difference.  

I offer monthly ceremonies with Cacao, plant medicines and Mother Nature. These ceremonies offer the opportunity to connect with my community and serve Mother Gaia, or Earth, as her steward. Each ceremony is crafted with seasonal traditions as well as the Astrological Energetics aligned within the seasonal timing. Join me for the experience, you will be transformed into a lighter, more radiant being on Earth.

Another major find that has shaped my life in a profound way is the book the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It has become the doctrine that I live by and hold myself accountable. I encourage you to read the short 150 pages and begin your journey to integrity and peace.

I choose to speak with Integrity, follow through with my word, and own my mistakes. Transparency is crucial to me on so many levels and it is another doctrine that implement in my business. I only make promises that I know that I can uphold, and I am a vault when it comes to secrets or visions, with a motto of "is that my story to tell?" when I am relaying information as my filter. 

All of this is just a short snippet of what I bring to the table. It is honest, real and written with the greatest love and transparency. Writing about myself is challenging and boasting about myself is definitely not a strong suit. 

Bragging about other people's accomplishments is a different topic all together.  I celebrate the wins with my friends and clients and point out their growth when I see it. 

Your biggest cheerleader over here.


Because we need someone in our corner routing us on with no objective other than wanting to see you win, so we all win! That is me, Alicia Sunshine!

Other things that are cool:

*Did 36 days of FEMA relief in 2004 - lived thru a hurricane

*Moved across the USA 4 times, each a different method

*Lived in Las Vegas for 10 years. worked at a celebrity chef restaurant in dining and events - so much fun!

I have many spiritual certifications. 

I am a Forest Therapy Guide. 

I am an Astrologer - Virgo, Virgo, Aqua Moon - for those that want to know 

And so much more that the universe has to unfold yet... Come grow with me and see where & what I get into next. 

October 2023 - Austin Texas for the Libra eclipse over head at SolarPunk Summit  

December 2023 in Costa Rica collaborating on a healing retreat.

I can not wait to see what 2024 brings, stay tuned.

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Why is my business called Sacred Lotus Experience?

The answer is two fold. 

First, the way that the lotus flower is planted under the water thru the point of little gravity to root, once firmly planted in the mud the lotus has to make it's way thru the deep, dark, dense water following the slight glimmer in the distance, to then fully emerge above the surface into the light and reality as a tight bud, allowing the sun and air to penetrate the outer shell and layers to finally release and open it's petals for the world to behold it's magnificent beauty. 

This is the journey that brings about transformation.

The Sacred Lotus Experience


Second, the greatest joy in my life, my pup Lotus. 

She made such an impact on my life by teaching me unconditional love, patience, caring and nurturing for another being. 

For that I am forever grateful and changed by her love.  

If you ever met Lotus, Lotus made an impression you.  It was so hard to believe that we were her third owners but she was perfect for us.  I believe that she experienced her dark night of the soul and came out a Lotus, the light and beauty in my life.  


Lastly, you may have noticed Alicia Sunshine in my writings. 

When asked as a little girl what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was "Sunshine."

So I have adopted that name into my own.

It has sparked a

YouTube channel: SunshineandMagic123  

which speaks of Astrological Energy and I have a blog coming soon in 2024

Sunshine and Magick is also an AstroApothecary that makes infused honeys and other Astrologically infused items sold locally.  

I truly look forward to co-creating energetic magic with you!

The Month's Events

May 2024
3:00 PM
Cacao Journey Troy
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7:00 PM
Third Friday Cacao Journey
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3:00 PM
Cacao Journey Troy
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