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 Zoom meetings or recorded session

Having a hard time with a decision?  Need to get answers that seem to far off for you?  Want to move? Trying to find a new path but do not know what really calls to you?  Can not understand teh relationship with one of your children/siblings?  I can help you get some resolution.  We take some time to develop the right question to get the answers that will drive you forward.  Using multiple techniques I hold the space for your answers and healing.   

 Local is grand but the color therapy also works over zoom.  

Astrology readings can be done for you, your child, or your whole family dynamic.  Each time I look at my chart I see something new because the pieces are ever evolving.  Let me light up your skies for you.


Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 

           In person or Via Zoom 

Reiki Treatment


In Depth Astrology & Moonology Chart Readings

Develop the true you.  Are you stuck?  Need a catalyst for change?  Just getting out of a relationship/divorce that leaves you wondering what your next step is? 

Exquisitely you is a tool to help you remember the passion and journey that you chose to discover in this lifetime.  I use a blend of numerology, astrology, and I ching to help give you an idea of what makes you tick and turns up your fire.  The answers are unique to you because we are using your birth date, time and location.  

Go ahead, I dare you to get to know yourself better...take the next step and then create another and take it.  Life is not about the finish line it is about the journey and gratitude along the way.

I can not wait to share the good news!



CBD Consultant

CBD is a compound extracted from the Hemp plant.  It is Federally legal to use CBD from hemp.  Our CBD oil is responsibly sourced. 
We are a local company that takes pride in hand making small batches using organic ingredients and essential oils blended with CBD oil to make a variety of products beneficial to our well being. 
Many studies have shown that people found relief from insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, nausea, pain, cancer, headaches, cramps, plantar fascitis and many more applications.   I am told frequently that the persistent condition is soothed sometimes even absent while using our CBD.  Have I got your attention?  Schedule your in home gathering today to learn more, invite friends to spread the word. Education is empowerment.
Fill out the contact us to get started.  Each Host receives a portion of the party sales back in merchandise.

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Contact us and find how our services can benefit you and your company.

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