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 Zoom, Recorded or In-Person Sessions

Making decisions in one's life can sometimes be challenging.  The paths may seem to insurmountable to choose correctly.  These are the times that seeking a professional Intuitive can be most beneficial.     

I can help you get resolution.  We take time to develop the right questions to get the answers that will be most helpful.  Using multiple techniques I hold the space for your answers and healing.   

Astrology readings can be done for you, your child, or about your whole family dynamic.  Each time I look at a chart I see something new because the pieces are ever revolving, which is why it is important to continue receiving guidance over the years from an Astrologer to keep up with the ever changing sky.  Let me help you understand what the cosmos has co-conspired with your higher self to make happen. 

Intuitive Astrology and Tarot work for many types of questions: career, family, legacy, relationship, love, children, divorce, education/expansion and so much more.   

 Energy Healing Empowerments

Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher,

Quantum Resonance &

Star Empowerment Energy Healing 


Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. 


Why does having a Reiki session make positive a difference in your life?  

So many times we hold onto energy that is no longer serving us.  The energy of old relationships, the desire/goal of old dreams, family obligations, the lingering of grief, there is no emotion that can not be moved with Energy healing.  Energy healing works on the subtle body, the energetic body, and helps to release the stale, frustrated, negative emotions stored in the physical body.  When we do not process our emotions they take residence in our physical body because we push them down and do not ever fully process through them.  Energetic healing is the solution to this inarticulate state that nothing seems to describe or help you heal.  We also carry energy from our ancestors and past lives which can effect us in this current moment even though we are technically unaware of their existence.  An Energy healing session can help you through all of these scenarios. Book with me today!  

Reiki Treatment
Person at Night with Smoke

Energetic Space Clearing Session 

In Depth Energetic Space Clearing 

There are times that the energy left over from the previous resident, relationship or era of your life within your home and personal space that needs to be cleared and re-empowered.  The lingering energy can affect the way that you operate in your daily life and move forward with future opportunities.    An opportune time to have a space clearing is when you move to a new home or a new office, end a relationship where you are staying in the residence and others have moved on, and when some one has departed the earthly realm.   I use a ceremonial method to release the energy and call in the highest and best energy to help lift the vibration.   This session is done in the home which includes using smudging, chanting, sound healing, crystals, and energy healing. 

Plant Medicine Consultant

Plant medicine can be used to describe many different types of natural remedies for an assortment of ailments.  I have experience with essential oils, flower essences, herbs, cannabis, cacao, psilocybin, and CBD.  The natural path to each of the plants is driven by the needs of each participant.  Cacao is my favorite as it is a natural energizer while also opening the Heart chakra to heal the wounds of love.  CBD is amazing for anxiety, inflammation and pain which I am a sales on consultant for The Seedy Alchemist if you would like to order organic USA made CBD click the link below. Plant medicine education is empowerment.
Fill out the contact us to book a consultation.  I have an evolving background in Plant medicine, essential oils, flower essences and cacao ceremonies which enrich any Spiritual Evolution.  Cacao ceremonies can be booked in advance for private events to enhance your special life moments like a bridal shower, bachelorette party or girls get together.  

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